The Relver by Nexxbar - Self Leveraged Deep Tissue Foam Roller, Muscle Spasm & Trigger Point Pain Relief Massage Tool

Product Description
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  • Self Treatment For All Ages. Professionally Endorsed, Multi-Patented.
  • Extend, Lock & Treat Your Muscle Tension. No Need For A Second Pair Of Hands, No Need To Lie On The Floor.
  • Lightweight, Portable. Use At Home Or On The Go - Work, Travel, Hotels.
  • Gentle Massage, Sports Prep Or Cool Down, Muscle Spasm Relief, Reliever.
  • Several Educational Videos. Made In Canada. Lifetime Warranty. Comes With Carry Case.

The Nexxbar is a professionally endorsed multi-patented self-leveraging foam
roller and massage tool designed to help relieve muscle soreness, trigger
point pain, help release spasms and can be used from your neck to your feet -
anywhere anytime. What makes Nexxbar unique is that it offers an extraordinary
way to SELF massage the ENTIRE body body. It kneads and rolls out tight
muscles and knots more effectively than any other single device like a foam
roller, massage gun, balls or tapping sticks because it is self-leveraging,
guided and pressure controlled by you, the user, 100% of the time. The
leverage you use will be able to amplify your strength by several multiples.
The better you become in using it, the more effective the tool becomes.
Anchored by a strap at one end and fully telescopic, Nexxbar allows you to
easily maneuver around difficult to massage areas like your back or neck
without the need to over-reach or push the range of your flexibility (which
could cause injury). With this leveraged technology, just a little downward
pressure on the extended handle will pull the bar deep into the tightest
muscle and, once in position, a small twist left or right will literally
steamroll out the most stubborn of knots in seconds, be it in your leg,
shoulder, foot or back. Compact, efficient and effective for the entire body
without the need for a second pair of hands or need to lie on the floor.
Lightweight & Portable, You can use the Nexxbar at home, work or on the go -
it is airport security friendly, so take it with you when you travel by car,
train or plane. It's telescopic design is compact and streamlined to fit
easily into your everyday routine - fits in a carry bag or suitcase. If you
have found that regular foam rolling hasn't been giving you the results that
your body needs then give Nexxbar a try - you won't believe that something so
simple can be so effective.
Sku: Nexxbar - ReLever

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